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As a prelude to the following, readers may want to devote an hour to viewing the superb talk by Suzanne Pearson titled "Clues to the Third Secret" based on her personal conversations with
Fr. Malachi Martin from 1994 until his death in 1999.  I was present when she gave this talk at the "Pathway to Peace" conference in Niagra Falls, ONT in September 2013.  I found it stunning, revealing facts about scalar energy, the weaponizing of the forces of nature, chem trails and other realities, as well as apostasy and economic control of states, including the Vatican.  It can be viewed here:            //

Jesus revealed to the Italian mystic, Maria Valtorta, detailed visions of the Gospel from the birth of his Holy Mother to her Assumption, collected in five volumes: The Poem of the Man-God, or The Gospel as Revealed to Me.  An imprimatur was granted by Bishop Roman Danylak in Rome in 1998 for all the approved English translations.  It is claimed that Pius XII was given copies of The Poem in 1947, kept them for 11 months and on 26 February 1948 declared in the presence of Frs. Romualdo Migliorini, Corrado Berti and Andrea Checchin: "Publish this work as it is. There is no need to give an opinion about its origin, whether it be extraordinary or not. Who reads it, will understand…” (See, and, both accessed 26 July 2013;).  I have read all volumes of The Poem carefully and vol. V twice and consider them spiritually enriching.  Valtorta’s Notebooks of conversations with Jesus and Mary are treasures.  Notebooks 1943 includes much about end times and the proximate coming of Antichrist. Notebooks1944 includes visions of the martyrdoms of many early Roman Christians.  Notebooks 1945 to 1950 includes explanations of important mysteries, including the Persons of the Blessed Trinity, of Jesus and Mary, and of the sin of Adam and of Eve. They all are described and can be obtained from: 

Fr. Jim Anderson, MSA

The Italian mystic, Maria Valtorta

From The Notebooks 1943: Jesus’ dictations to the Italian Mystic, Maria Valtorta

 20 August 1943

 Jesus says:

"If one were to observe closely what has been going on for some time, and especially since the beginning of the century preceding the conclusion of the second millennium, one ought to think that the seven seals have been opened. [See Rev. 5:1] Never before as at present have I gone into action to return among you with my Capitol word to gather together the multitudes of my chosen ones so as to set out with them and my angels to do battle against the hidden forces working to bore open the gates of the abyss for mankind.

"War, famine, pestilences, the instruments of military homicide [See Rev. 6:8] -which are more than the ferocious beasts mentioned by the Beloved one-earthquakes, signs in the sky, eruptions in the entrails of the earth, [See Mt. 24:7-8] and the miraculous calls towards mystical ways of little souls moved by Love, persecutions against my followers, the loftiness of souls and the lowliness of bodies-nothing is lacking among the signs whereby the time of my Wrath in my Judgment may seem to you to be near.

"In the horror you experience, you exclaim, ‘The time has come; it cannot get more tremendous than this!’ And you loudly call for the end which will free you. The blameworthy call for it, mocking and cursing, as always; the good call for it who can no longer bear to see Evil triumphing over Good.

"Peace, my chosen ones! A little while longer, and I shall come.  The sum of sacrifice needed to justify the creation of man and the Sacrifice of the Son of God is not yet fulfilled. [See Rev. 6:9-11]  The marshaling of my cohorts is not yet finished, and the angels of the Sign have not yet placed the glorious seal upon all the brows of those who have deserved to be chosen for glory. [See Rev. 7:1-4]

"The disgrace of the earth is such that its fumes, not very different from those issuing from Satan's dwelling, rise to the feet of God's throne with a sacrilegious impetus. Before the appearing of my Glory it is necessary for East and West to be purified so as to be worthy of the appearance of my Face.

"Purifying incense and oil consecrating the great, boundless altar where the last mass will be celebrated by me, the eternal Pontiff, served at the altar by all the saints which heaven and earth contained in that hour, are the prayers and sufferings of my Saints, of my Heart’s beloved, of those already marked by my Sign-of the blessed Cross, before the Angels have marked them.

"It is on earth that the sign is engraved, and it is your will which engraves it. Then the angels fill it with incandescent, indelible gold which makes your brows shine like the sun in my Paradise.

"Great is the present horror, my beloved; but how very, very much it still has to increase to become the Horror of the last times! And if it truly seems that wormwood has been mixed into man's bread, wine, and sleep, a very, very great deal more wormwood must still drip into your waters, onto your tables, and on to your couches before you have reached the total bitterness which will be the companion of the last days of this race created by Love, saved by Love, which has sold itself to Hatred. [See Rev. 8:10-11.]

"For if Cain went roaming over the earth because he had shed innocent blood-though still blood contaminated by original sin-and found no one to deliver him from the torment of the memory, for God's sign was upon him for his punishment-and he begot in bitterness and in bitterness lived and saw others live and in bitterness died-what is the race of man to suffer, which in fact shed, and sheds, the most innocent Blood which has saved it?

"Go right on thinking, then, that these are the warning signs, but it is not yet the hour. [See Mt. 24:6]

"There are forerunners of the one I said could be called ‘Negation,’ ‘Evil incarnate,’ ‘Horror,’’Sacrilege,’ ‘the Son of Satan,’Vengeance, and Destruction’; and I could go on giving him names designating him clearly and fearfully. But he is not yet present. [Not yet present in 1943.]

"He will be a very lofty person, as lofty as a star. Not a human star shining in a human sky. But a star from a supernatural sphere that, yielding to the flattery of the Enemy, will experience pride after humility, atheism after faith, lust after chastity, the hunger for gold after Gospel poverty, and a thirst for honors after concealment.

"To see a star plummet from the firmament is less fearful than to see this creature, already chosen, plunge into the coils of Satan-this creature will copy the sin of his elective father. Lucifer, out of pride, became the accursed and Dark One. The Antichrist, out of the pride of an hour, will become the accursed and dark one after having been a star in my Army. [See Rev. 9:1]

"As a reward for his denial-which will shake the heavens with a shudder of horror and make the pillars of my Church tremble in the dismay his fall will occasion-he will obtain the complete assistance of Satan, who will give him the keys to the pit of the abyss in order for him to open it. But let him open it altogether so that the instruments of horror will come out which Satan has concocted over millennia to lead men to complete despair, in such a way that they will invoke Satan as King by themselves and run after the Antichrist, the only one who will be able to open wide the gates of the abyss to make the King of the abyss come out, just as the Christ opened the gates of the heavens to make grace and forgiveness come out, which make men similar to God and kings of an eternal kingdom in which I am the King of kings. [Note carefully that Jesus tells Maria here that Satan will give the keys to the Abyss (which is the temporary lockup of the fallen angels) to Antichrist as a reward for being totally subservient to Satan.  My own conclusion is that Jesus, who alone is Lord, gives the keys to Satan as God’s instrument to coerce those human creatures who have joined Satan’s rebellion to repent and seek reconciliation with God.  That would be similar to God’s inflicting the plagues of Exodus 7-11 on the Egyptians to coerce them to release the Israelites as Moses asked.]

"As the Father has given Me all power, so Satan will give him all power, and especially all power for seduction, to drag after him the week and those corrupted by the fevers of ambitions, as he, their chief, is. But in his unbridled ambition he will still find Satan's supernatural aids to be too scanty, and he will seek additional aid in the enemies of Christ, who, armed with increasingly deadly weapons which their lust for evil led them to create to sow despair in the masses, will help him until God pronounces his ‘Enough’ and burns them to ashes with the splendor of his appearance. [On a typed copy Maria noted in pencil: “Defeat of the Antichrist, but not the universal judgment.”]

"There has been much-too much-speculation over the centuries-and not out of a good thirst and honest desire to remedy the insistent evil, but, rather, only out of futile curiosity-regarding what John says in chapter 10 of the Apocalypse. But you should know, Maria, that I allow what may be useful to know to be known and conceal what I find to be useful for you not to know.

"You are too weak, poor children of mine, to know the proper names of the apocalyptic ‘seven’ thunders. My angel said to John, ‘Seal what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down.’I say that it is not yet time for what is sealed to be opened, and if John did not write it down, I will not say it.

"Besides, it is not your lot to taste that horror and therefore….It only remains for you to pray for those who will have to undergo it, that strength will not fail in them and they will not come to form part of the mob of those who, under the lash of the scourge, will not experience repentance and will curse God instead of imploring his help. Many of these are already on the earth, and their seed will be seven times seven more demoniacal than they are.

"I, not my angel, I Myself swear that when the thunder of the seventh trumpet is finished and the horror of the seventh scourge is fulfilled, without the race of Adam recognizing Christ as King, Lord, Redeemer, and God, and, with the invocation of his Mercy, his Name, in which there is salvation, I, by my Name and by my Nature, swear that I shall halt that instant in eternity. Time will cease, and the Judgment will begin. The Judgment eternally separating Good from Evil after millennia of coexistence on earth.

[Maria notes: “The seven thunders correspond to the seven plagues described further on, on August 22.”  For clarity, that entry from August 22 is inserted here.]

August 22 1943
Jesus says:
"The seven last plagues correspond to the seven peals of thunder not described. [In the dictation of August 20, above.] As always, they are figurative descriptions wherein reality is not totally excluded, however. I will explain to you what I deem appropriate to be explained to you in them.

"The first is the ulcer.

"Beginning with the times of Moses I punished creatures who had committed unforgivable sins against me with disgusting diseases. The body of the sister of Moses, Mary, was covered with leprosy for having spoken badly about my servant, Moses. How can the same-and even worse-fail to happen to those who speak ill of their God? Leprosy-or whatever kind of ulcer-spreads more and more because more and more you have spread your sins against God and against the admirable work of God that you are.

"When you wrap yourselves in lust, don't you perhaps think you are committing a sin against God? Well, you certainly are, for you profane your bodies, where the spirit resides to receive me, the supreme spirit. And how far is man's lust going, when carried out with a cold, deliberate will? It is best not to examine closely this abyss of repugnant human degradation. I tell you that certain animals were called unclean, but man has already surpassed them, and will surpass them even more, and if a new animal could be created, obtained by crossing monkeys with serpents and pigs, it would be even less unclean than certain men with the appearance of man, but with an interior more lascivious and repellent than the filthiest animal.

"As I told you, mankind is splitting increasingly. The spiritual portion, as scanty as can be, is ascending.  The carnal portion, extremely numerous, is descending. It is descending to a frightful depth of vice. When the time of wrath has come, mankind will have reached the perfection of vice. 

"And would you like the inner stench of their dead souls not to ooze out and corrupt the flesh, worshiped more than I and used for all forms of prostitution? And as the ulcers will be provoked by you, so you will fill the sea and the river waters with blood. You are already filling them with your slaughters, and the inhabitants of the waters are diminishing, killed by you, contributing to your hunger. You have trampled upon the gifts which God has given you for your material needs to such a point that earth, sky, and waters are becoming your enemies and deny you the fruits of the earth and the inhabitants of the waters, rivers, forests, and air. 

"You kill. You even kill. You trample on the law of love and forgiveness. You shed your brothers’ and sisters’ blood and especially the blood of the good, whom you persecute precisely because they are good. Be careful, though, that God will not one day force you to satisfy your hunger and your thirst with the blood you have shed, in contrast to my order of peace and love.

“You are rebels against the laws I have given you; rebels against you are the stars and planets which have until now given you light and heat as you needed, obeying the rules I have indicated out of goodness towards you.

"Repugnant illnesses as a mark of your vice, blood in the waters bearing witness to all the blood you have wanted to shed-and in the midst of it there is mine-fire from the sun to give you a foretaste of the eternal ambers awaiting the accursed, darkness to warn you that darkness awaits whoever hates the light-all of this to lead you to reflect and repent. 

"And it will be of no use. You will go on plummeting. You will go on making your alliances with people, preparing the way for the ‘kings of the East’-that is, for assistance from the Son of Evil. 

"My Angels seem to be the ones that are bringing the plagues. In reality, you are. You want them, and you shall have them. 

"Having become dragons and beasts yourselves, by having wedded the Dragon and the Beast, you will give birth to unclean beings from your corrupt insides: the absolute demoniacal doctrines which by performing false prodigies will seduce the powerful and drag them into battle against God. You will be so perverted that you will take what is a hellish creation to be heavenly prodigies. 

"Maria, now I will take your hand to lead you to the most obscure point in John's book. The annotators of it have exhausted their capacity in many deductions to explain to themselves and to the multitudes who the ‘great Babylon’ is. With a human view, to which the jolts left by desired events or by events taking place were not unconnected, they have given the name of Babylon to many things.

“But how is it that they have never considered that the ‘great Babylon’ is the whole earth? I would be a very small and limited God the Creator if I had created only the earth as an inhabited world! With a beat of my will I have brought forth worlds upon worlds from nothing and cast them as luminous fine dust into the immensity of the firmament.

“The earth, about which you are so proud and fierce, is nothing but one of the bits of fine dust rotating in unbounded nests, and though not the biggest one, it is certainly the most corrupt one. Lives upon lives are teaming in the millions of worlds which are the joy of your gaze on peaceful nights, and the perfection of God will appear to you when, with the intellectual side of your spirits rejoined to God, you are able to see the wonders of those worlds. [We must note that in here asserting that He has created millions of other inhabited worlds, Genesis is not contradicted.  Nor has Jesus told Maria that He has created other life forms in God’s image and likeness, with an immortal spiritual soul.  Jesus is asserting that He has deliberately created other inhabited worlds.  Such divine creation has nothing to do with the erroneous and unprovable premise of some that “In an infinite universe everything that’s possible must by chance happen somewhere.”]

"Isn't the earth really the great harlot that has committed fornication with all the powers of the earth and hell, and haven't the Earth's inhabitants prostituted themselves-bodies and souls-just to triumph during the earthly day?

"That is certainly the case. The crimes of the Earth have all the names of blasphemy, as the Beast does with whom the earth and its inhabitants have allied themselves just to triumph. The seven sins are like a horrendous ornament on the head of the Beast, who transports the Earth and those of the earth to the pastures of Evil, and the ten horns, a metaphorical number, serve to demonstrate the limitless acts of wickedness committed just to obtain, at any cost, what his ferocious covetousness wants.

"Isn't the Earth really soaked with the blood of the martyrs, inebriated by this holy liquor, which, having been drunk by its sacrilegious mouth, has changed therein into a filter for accursed drunkenness? The beast that carries it-the compendium and synthesis of all the evil done from Adam on just to triumph in the world and in the flesh-draws behind him those who by adoring him will become king for an hour of an accursed kingdom. You are kings as children of God, and it is an eternal kingdom. But you become kings for an hour of an accursed kingdom when you worship Satan, who can only give you an ephemeral triumph paid for at the price of an eternity of horror.

"The beast, John says, was and is not. At the end of the world that is the way it will be. He was, because he has really existed; he is not because I, the Christ, will have defeated and buried him because he will no longer be necessary, then, for the triumphs of the world. [See Rev 17:8.  On a typed copy Maria adds at the foot of the page, in pencil “After the defeat of the Antichrist and the destruction of Babylon.”]

"Isn't the Earth seated on the waters of her seas and hasn't she made use of these to do harm? What has she not made use of? Peoples, nations, races, boundaries, interests, food, expansions-everything has been of use to her to fornicate and carry out enormous homicides and betrayals like that of Judas. Her own children, nourished by her with the blood of sin, will accomplish God's vengeance upon her by destroying her, by destroying themselves, bringing the sum of the crimes against God and against man to the perfect number which demands the thundering of my ‘Enough!’

"In that hour the blood of the martyrs and prophets, steaming with a smell pleasing to my throne, will see, and the clods of the earth which have gathered in the moans of those slain out of hatred for Me and received their last shutters will cast forth a loud cry made up of all those holy moans and will crumble with anguished convulsion, shaking men's cities and homes, where there is sinning and killing, and filling the vault of the Heavens with a voice calling for Justice.

"And there will be justice. I will come. I will come because I am faithful and truthful. I will come to bring peace to the faithful and holy judgment to those who have lived. I will come with my name, whose meaning is known to me alone and in whose letters are the main attributes of God, of whom I am Part and Whole.

“Write: Gesu: Grandeur, Eternity, Sanctity, Unity. Write: Cristo: Charity Redemption, Immensity, Sapience, Trinity, Omnipotence (of God summarized in the name of the Word made man). And if you think some attributes are missing, consider that Justice is comprehended in holiness-for whoever is holy is just; Royalty, in grandeur; and Creation, in omnipotence. In my name the praises of God are thus proclaimed.

"A holy name whose sound terrifies the demons. Name of life that gives life, light and strength for whoever loves and invokes you.

"Name which is a crown upon my head as the victor over the Beast and his prophet, who will be taken, driven down, submerged, and buried in the liquid, eternal fire whose corrosive ferocity is inconceivable for human sensation. [Maria notes: ”In the period of peace preceding the judgment.”]

"It will then be the time of my Kingdom on Earth. There will thus be a truce in the demoniacal crimes so as to give man time to hear the heavenly voices again. Once the power unleashing horror has been taken out of the way, immense spiritual currents will come down like waterfalls of grace, like rivers of celestial waters, to speak words of Light.

"But as, over the centuries, they did not gather in the isolated Voices, beginning with that of the Word, which speak of Goodness, so men will be deaf, still deaf-except for those marked with my sign, my most beloved friends set on following me-deaf to the voices of many spirits, to the voices similar to the sound of many waters which will sing the new Canticle to guide the peoples to meet the Light and, above all, Me: the eternal Word. When the last attempt has been made, [Maria notes: “The attempt at peace after the punishments, at spiritual evangelization.”] Satan will come for the last time and will find followers in the four corners of the earth, and they will be more numerous than the sand of the sea.

"O Christ! O Jesus, who died to save men! Only the patience of a God could have waited so long, done so much, and obtained so little without withdrawing his gift from men and having them perish long before the hour indicated! Only my Patience, which is Love, was able to await you, knowing that, like sand filtering through a very fine sieve, some rare souls would come to glory, in contrast to the mass that is unable and unwilling to filter through this sieve of the Law, Love, and Sacrifice to arrive at Me.

"But in the hour of my coming, when in the role of God, King, and Judge, I will come to gather together the chosen and curse the reprobate, hurling them there, where the Antichrist, the beast, and Satan will already be eternally, after the supreme victory of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Victor over Death and Evil, to these chosen ones, who have been able to remain ‘alive’ in life, I live in the spirit, awaiting our hour of triumph, I will give possession of the heavenly dwelling; I will give Myself unceasingly and measurelessly.

"Aspire to that hour, Maria. Call it and call me with all the strength of your spirit. Here I am, already coming when a soul calls Me. Together with the Beloved One, who from the Earth saw the glory of the Lamb, the son of God, the glory of his and your Jesus, with every beat of your heart say, ‘Come Lord Jesus.’”  

[Here, having completed Jesus’ description of the seven plagues given on August 22, we return to the dictation of Jesus to Maria on August 20, 1943.]

August 20 1943
[Jesus continues]
"Good will return to the fount from which it came. Evil will fall to the place to which it was previously cast down at the moment of Lucifer's rebellion and from which it emerged to disturb the weakness of Adam and the seduction of the senses and of pride.

"Then the mystery of God will be fulfilled. Then you will know God. Every man on earth, from Adam to the last man born, gathered together like grains of sand on the dune of the eternal beach, will see God the Lord, Creator, Judge, and King.

"Yes, you will see this God whom you have loved, cursed, followed, mocked, blessed, insulted, served, and escaped from. You will see Him. You will then know how much He deserved your love and how meritorious it was to serve Him.

"Oh, the joy of those who have consumed themselves in loving and obeying Him! Oh, the terror of those who have been his Judases, his Cains, those who have preferred to follow the Adversary and Seducer instead of the Word made man, in whom there is Redemption-the Christ: the Way of the Father; Jesus: the most holy Truth; the Word: true Life.”

The Last Judgement by Michelangelo