for Jesus and Mary

Garabandal, Communist Tribulation, Warning, Miracle, Chastisement

 Suddenly and unexpectedly...the imminent


prophesied by the Blessed Mother at Garabandal in 1962

by Fr. Jim Anderson, M.S.A.

Current world events within the present global context of indifference to God and sins piled upon sins may be signs that the TRIBULATION, WARNING, MIRACLE and CHASTISEMENT prophesied by the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1961 to 1965 at GARABANDAL are now 
imminent and will begin with a surprise attack by Russia on Europe.  This is probable because the prophetic warnings and requests made by the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1917 to the three young seers at Fatima asking for the solemn Consecration of Russia by the Holy Father with his bishops, and for the First Saturday Devotions in reparation for sin remain unattended to!  The claims that the Consecration of Russia has been accomplished as requested at Fatima and that the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima was fully revealed in 2,000 in the Vatican's "The Message of Fatima" are considered and refuted here: From Fatima to Russia, and here: The Failure to Consecrate Russia and to fully Reveal the 3rd Part of the Secret of Fatima, and the consequent Imminent Tribulation, Warning, Miracle and Chastisement Prophesied by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Garabandal and Akita.

On 18 June 1961 Archangel Michael appeared to four 12 year old girls in the mountain village of San Sebastian de Garabandal in Cantabria in northern Spain:  Conchita Gonzalez, Mari Cruz Gonzalez, Jacinta Gonzalez, and Mari Loli Mazon.  The Archangel appeared as a young boy and prepared them for a long series of prophetic visits by the Blessed Virgin Mary.  On 4 July 1961 the Blessed Virgin gave them the first of two formal, prophetic messages, but told them to keep it a secret until 18 October.  Then they revealed that:  “Much sacrifice needs to be done and much penance, we have to visit the Blessed Sacrament much, but before we have to be very good. If we do not do this, a punishment will come. The cup is being filled, and if we don’t change a punishment will come.” 

In 1962 on 19 June, and again on 20 June at 10:30 pm the Blessed Virgin showed the young seers frightening visions that caused them to scream repeatedly, after which the entire village spent the night in prayer, and the village priest heard their confessions.  The Virgin called the first vision the “tribulation.”  She later explained to Conchita and Mary Loli that the tribulation was Communism, that Russia would make a surprise attack and subdue Europe, and that Communism would gain control of the entire world and persecute the Church until it appeared to be defeated.  Then Jesus would intervene with a simultaneous, individual warning (Aviso) to all people, revealing the moral state of each in Jesus’s eyes.  That will end the persecution, but within one year the world will rebel again and this time Jesus will work the greatest miracle ever in the pine grove over-looking Garabandal.  This obviously supernatural event will be filmed and leave a permanent supernatural sign until the end of time.  All in the world will be converted to Christ, including Russia, and peace could reign until the end of time, unless the world rebels against God again.  Should that occur, then God will cleanse the earth by the most severe chastisement ever.  That chastisement was revealed to the girls in the vision on the second night of the screams.

The Blessed Virgin communicated a second formal message three years later through Archangel Michael, as the series of visions was nearing its end.  On 18 June 1965 the Archangel appeared and delivered this severe warning that our Mother could not bear to tell them herself:

 “Because it was not fulfilled and my message from October 18th, 1961 has not been made known to the world, I tell you this is the last one. Before the cup was being filled, but now it is overflowing. Many priests are walking through the path of perdition and taking with them many souls.  Less and less importance is given to the Eucharist. You should prevent God’s anger upon you with your efforts.  If you ask forgiveness with sincerity, He will forgive you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of the Archangel Michael, want to tell you to amend your lives. You are in the last warning. I love you very much and don’t want your condemnation; ask and you will receive. You should do more sacrifice; think more in the passion of Jesus.” 

In 1965 Conchita had told Albrecht Weber that the Blessed Mother had told her that Russia would finally make an all-out attempt at world domination.  In 1978 Mari Loli told Fr. Francis Benac, S.J. that the Blessed Mother spoke to us several times about communism; that it would seem that communism had mastered or engulfed the whole world.  The Church would come under severe persecution. Priests would have to go into hiding and have difficulty offering mass.  Europe will be especially hard hit but the tribulation would engulf the whole world.  (Barry Hanratty, "The Four Last Things of Garabandal: Parts 1-4," The Garabandal Journal, Nov-Dec 2003, pp. 6-8, Jan-Mar 2004, pp. 3-6, Mar-Apr 2004, pp. 3-6, May-Jun 2004, pp.3-9)

This prophesy of the Blessed Mother is supported by John Paul II suggesting that the 3rd Part of the Secret of Fatima includes, among other things, a warning concerning the global power of communism.  When John Paul was in Fulda, Germany, in November 1980, he was asked by a group of laymen about the 3rd Part of the Secret of Fatima and about the near future of the Church. Answering the first question, the Holy Father replied, "Due to its shocking content and so as not to allow the global power of communism to interfere with the affairs of the Church, my predecessors gave confidential information in a diplomatic way.” (Vox Fidei, No. 10, 1981)  

I know many good, intelligent and informed Christians who know and believe these prophesies. They are well aware of the advanced state of the rebellion against God today. They know that the world’s sins, most notably the cruel slaughter of millions of innocent children of God in their mother’s wombs, cry to heaven for justice now.  But they seem to be in a state of denial that justice will come.  For their sake a brief description of the cruel, bloody and thoroughly planned attempt by the Masonic government of Mexico in the 1920s to liquidate practicing Catholics and the Catholic Church follows.  



The Cristeros: Viva Cristo Rey
The Masonic Mexican Government’s 20th Century War against 
Christ and His Holy Church

Part I: Background to the Persecution

When Mexico declared itself independent of a weakened Spain in 1821 it became at once an opportunity for westward expansion pursuant to the Manifest Destiny of the new United States, and a potential rival claiming territory equal to the size of the U.S. and extending north to Canada and west to the Pacific ocean.  Although the government was unstable, often corrupt and subject to violent changes, its people were homogeneous and intensely loyal to the Roman Catholic faith and to their priests, bishops and the Vatican.  The Mexican Constitution of 1824 established Catholicism as the sole religion.  The U.S. on the other hand was protestant and largely intolerant of foreigners and “papists.”
After the fall of Napoleon in 1821 and the Mexican war for independence from Spain, the Freemason General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna overthrew the attempted monarchy of Catholic revolutionary General Iturbide and established a Mexican Republic.  During these years the U.S. Minister to Mexico, the high ranking Freemason Joel R. Poinsett, worked hard to extend Masonic influence in Mexico.  Rome and Mexican Church authorities complained to the U.S. of such interference in Mexican affairs and Poinsett was recalled while denying that he had "extended our order and our principles into a neighboring country for political rather than for pure and philanthropic purposes."
The United States did not want a great Catholic power at their door.  By the early 1830's 25,000 southern U.S. protestant slave holding settlers had moved into Mexican Tejas.  In 1835 Santa Anna dissolved the republican constitution and consolidated the power of his central government.  Led by the Freemason Sam Houston the U.S. settlers in Tejas formed the new Republic of Texas and declared it independent of Mexico.  The Texas Declaration of Independence denounced the army and the priesthood, both the eternal enemies of civil liberty and Mexico’s support of a national religion.  Santa Anna attacked Houston’s forces and after the fabled taking of The Alamo he was decisively defeated in the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.  Santa Anna was captured but treated with the respect due a fellow Mason by Houston. Texas was incorporated into the U.S. 29 December 1845, prompting Mexico to break diplomatic relations with the U.S.  
In 1846, at the height of the anti-Catholic nativist movement, the Freemason James Polk was elected U.S. president, espousing the jingoist belief of the anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant forces … that native-born Americans held the God-given right to conquer the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific and to cleanse the dominions of Romish and foreign blight.  Mexico refused to sell California and so a Mexican-American War was contrived, resulting in Mexico’s ceding to the U.S. all its territory north of the Rio Grande River in the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo on 2 February 1848.  There followed within Mexico a determined dismantling by Freemason politicians of the Catholic social and religious infra-structure begun by Our Lady of Guadalupe, herself in 1531.  The people of Mexico remained devoutly Catholic while the Freemasonic politicians managed to retain power, and to despoil Church property and freedom of religion and conduct deadly persecutions. (Christopher A. Ferrara, Liberty: The God that Failed, Angelico Press, Tacoma, 2012, pp. 261-277)
In 1914 the U.S. backed Mexican president Venustiano Carranza inaugurated a period of open persecution in which religious nuns were mistreated in Vera Cruz and 160 priests were killed throughout Mexico.  An American pastor, indignant about the outraging of the nuns in Vera Cruz, complained to Washington and was told by a personal representative of President Woodrow Wilson that: "After prostitution, the worst thing in Mexico is the Catholic Church. Both must disappear!"
In 1917 Mexico’s constitution was changed to establish secular education in all schools, outlaw monastic orders, confine worship to within church buildings, limit church ownership of property, deprive clergy of basic rights including wearing clerical attire, voting, criticizing public officials or comment on public affairs.  But Carranza did not fully implement these policies.  His successor, Alvaro Obregon did so only selectively, in areas where there would be little opposition.  But in 1926 the Freemason Plutarco Calles became president.  He was fanatically anti-Catholic and determined to exterminate Catholicism by legislating and strictly enforcing the anti-Catholic constitutional provisions, and adding his own.
In 1926, Calles regime launched a new offensive to bury the Church: "Now there must be a psychological revolution, Calles declared. We must penetrate and take hold of the minds of the children and the youth because they must belong to the revolution." The Catholic schools were shut down, the congregations expelled, Christian trade unions forbidden, numerous churches confiscated and profaned or destroyed. Public school attendance became mandatory, atheism was officially taught, and religious symbols such as medals, crucifixes, statues, and pictures were forbidden even in private.  Catholic public figures were assassinated and girls leaving church were kidnapped, imprisoned, raped.  The Archbishop of Baltimore complained that U.S. friendship has encouraged Calles to destroy the idea of God in the minds and hearts of millions of Mexicans.  On 28 May 1926 Calles received the Masonic medal of merit from the hands of the Great Commander of the Masonic Scottish rite in Mexico.  On 28 May 1926 Calles received the Masonic medal of merit from the hands of the Great Commander of the Masonic Scottish rite in Mexico. On 12 July International Masonry accepted responsibility for everything that was happening in Mexico, and prepared to mobilize all its forces for the methodic, integral application of "the agreed upon program for this country."     

Part II: The Cristeros Fight Back 

On 24 July 1926 Cardinal Gaspari sent a telegram from Rome to the Mexican episcopate: "Under no condition we will accept the registering of priests." The bishops decided to suspend public worship throughout the land starting 31 July.  All the places of public worship would be closed, there would be no Masses offered nor sacraments administered throughout the country except in private chapels. Ireland broke its diplomatic relations with Mexico....No other state followed suit.  On 18 September 1926, Pius XI published the encyclical Iniquis Afflictisque in which he cataloged the atrocities, stating that "we can scarcely keep back our tears, some of these young men and boys have gladly met death, the rosary in their hands and the name of Christ the King on their lips....What a beautiful spectacle this, that is thus given to the world, to angels and to men!"  In October the Holy Father declared: The blood of martyrs has always been the seed of blessings from heaven.  The American Masonic journal The New Age of December 1926, expressed its support for Calles' agenda: "The Catholic Church has perverted the Mexicans for 400 years.  Calles' merit is to have delivered them from ignorance and superstition.  That is why he can count on our understanding and on North America's support."
By January 1927 20,000 Cristeros combatants took up arms in defense of the faith.  Their number rose to 30,000 by the end of the year, and to 50,000 by 1929.  Beginning with little, they armed themselves with captured weapons and horses.  The people supplied their material needs and the fight became a crusade! In 1927 they defeated the government forces in several battles.  By November the US military attaché began to worry about the success of the "fanatics," as 40% them were now equipped with captured Mausers. The Cristiada was a succession of miracles. 
In 1928 Mexico’s rural population was sent to concentration camps where famine and epidemics decimated them. Those who resisted were massacred. Harvests and flocks were seized, grazing land burned, and villages destroyed by the thousands. Despite this scorched earth policy the Cristeros stood fast like latter-day Maccabees.
By 1929, Cristeros victories forced the government to abandon the rural war. Three-fourths of inhabitable Mexico was in the hands of the Cristeros. They had won military victory, and in the United States Herbert Hoover, who was not a Mason, was elected president! Then the Cristeros learned that secret negotiations between the Mexican government and the Vatican had resulted in an accord. On 21 June the Mexican episcopate signed a resolution of the conflict with the ruling power. The accord provided for immediate, unconditional cease fire and the resumption of public worship beginning the next day. It restored the same situation that prevailed in 1926 with all the anti-Catholic laws then in effect, including the registration of priests! In the text, the Cristeros were called fanatics directed by a few third-rate priests; their revolt was an error, imprudent, even a sin. They must lay down their arms under pain of excommunication... The Commander in Chief of the Cristeros, Jesus Degollado, addressed his troops in a voice breaking with sorrow

"His Holiness the Pope, by the intermediary of the most excellent Apostolic Nuncio, has decided, for reasons which are unknown to us but which, as Catholics, we accept, that public worship will be resumed tomorrow without the law being changed...This arrangement...has wrested from us that which is most noble and most holy on our flag, at the moment when the Church has declared that she will resign herself to what she has obtained...Consequently, the National Guard assumes responsibility for the conflict....As for ourselves as men, we have a satisfaction that no one can take from us: the National Guard does not disappear defeated by its enemies, but rather abandoned by the very ones who were to be the first to receive the fruit of our sacrifices and abnegation! Ave, Christ! Those who for You are going to humiliation, to exile, and, perhaps, to an inglorious death,...with the most fervent love salute You, and once more proclaim You as King of our country."

Six thousand Cristeros obeyed, and were immediately massacred. In three years, they had only lost 5,000 men in combat! The Mexican episcopate decreed the excommunication of the Cristeros priests, but those 180 who had not been killed during the war had already been martyred..."All was lost." 

The new president, the Masonic lawyer Fortes Gil, rejoiced. At the summer solstice banquet he acknowledged his astonishment at the unconditional capitulation of a victorious army, and stated his intention to continue the fight: "The fight did not begin yesterday. The fight is eternal. The fight began 20 centuries ago."  
(Adapted from M. Olivier Lelibre, "The Cristeros, Catholic Soldiers of Christ," Accessed 25 September 2012 at:;  and ACERBA ANIMI, ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XI ON PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH IN MEXICO, Published  September 1932; Accesssed 25 September 2012 at:   

His Holiness, Pope Pius XI was a wise and holy pontiff.  But he had to learn by bitter experience that evil exists in the hearts of some men who pursue an agenda that is for them the highest, the only good.  The necessary lie, slander and intimidation of the masses, and liquidation of opposition groups and hostile classes must not only be obediently carried out, but conscientiously accepted as the right thing to do by followers of ideologies that are in reality alternative religions.  They must never substitute morally-ethical categories for ideological categories.  For them moral integrity consists in total personal dedication to use all means, including deception, liquidation, imprisonment, violence and terror, to achieve the ultimate good.  They are forbidden to love their enemies and are obligated to define as enemies all who are outside the ideological pale.  Pius XI learned this by the Masonic Mexican government’s repudiation of the 1929 concordat with the Vatican, and expressed his bitter disappointment in his encyclical on persecution of the Church in Mexico, Acerba Animi, published September 1932.  After years of vainly trusting in Vatican diplomacy to protect Christianity in Russia amid the communist terror, genocide, persecution of the Church and the torture and murder of thousands of priests and bishops, and imprisonment or death of millions of the faithful, his holiness published on 19 March 1937 his incisive encyclical against communism, Divini Redemptoris.  After detailing the methodical persecutions in Russia, Mexico and Spain as barbarous, intrinsically perverse and diabolical, the pontiff repeated several times that "communism directed by Moscow" accomplished these atrocities which "are the natural fruits of a system which is lacking all interior restraints."   He concluded with an unambiguous order to the Church: "Communism is intrinsically perverse, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever." The pontiff urged his Bishops that, following the teaching of Christ to his apostles, they must lead the fight against demonic Communism by fostering and intensifying "the spirit of prayer joined with Christian penance."   After Divini Redemptoris it was unthinkable for any in the Church to collaborate with communism in any undertaking whatsoever.   That policy was reversed by Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI. 


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